Called to the bar in 2001, and practicing in Ottawa since 2007, REESINK LAW has worked to ensure your rights are protected: efficiently, promptly and fairly.  The values that govern REESINK LAW are your freedoms, your rights, timeliness, cost-effectiveness, and thoroughness.  

CRIMINAL CHARGES:    Whether you are being investigated by police, have the authorities at your door, or on the phone, or you have already been charged, or you are in the middle of a trial, or being sentenced and punished for an offence,  REESINK LAW advises you and protects your rights.   You hold the purse strings. No useless expenses.   When you entrust your matter to Reesink Law, you decide what steps to take, based on the advise we provide: whether you are facing a theft or fraud investigation, domestic violence charges, driving impaired by alcohol or drug charges, fire-arms, weapons, fighting, stealing, sexual assaults, and other sex-related charges, breaches of Court orders -- regardless of the charge or investigation,  at each step, you make the decision based on clear-cut advice.  

FAMILY LAW:  services include:  the children's care, custody and access, division of net family property, assets, child and spousal support, divorce,  family contracts, pre-nuptial and separation agreements, and filing of all documents in the Superior Court of Justice, as well as representation at case conferences, up to and including trial.    

Whether it is a criminal or a family file, your evidence matters.  

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